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Since 2007, Test Prep BootCamp has helped students improve their confidence, grades, and test scores.  Whether your child is struggling or simply looking for enrichment tutoring, our exceptional private tutors will create a customized approach tailored specifically for your needs. After each session, you’ll receive a detailed progress report to track your child’s improvement. 

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No matter if you are looking for private tutoring for a certain subject or test prep, we always start off with an evaluation to determine the students strengths and areas of weakness.  From here, we customize a plan to ensure the we maximize learning and progress during each one-to-one private tutoring session.

Why risk getting mediocre scores on one of the more important tests you'll ever take? 


Our Program includes:
•    Initial Diagnostic Assessment
•    Customized Learning Plan
•    Skills and Strategy to Score Higher
•    Current ACT & SAT Prep Materials
•    Online Worksheets and Practice Tests
•    One to One Instruction
•    Weekly progress reports

With the Test Prep BootCamp's ACT/SAT Preparation Program, your student will begin by taking an ACT/SAT Initial Assessment Test and receive a Diagnostic Assessment of your student's academic strengths and weakness.  We then customize a program to meet the students specific academic needs.

Not every student learns the same.  At Test Prep BootCamp we recognize this and start by having the student complete a learning style assessment.  Understanding the students learning style allows us to focus the one-to-one tutoring and lessons to that students predominate style of learning.  This allows the student to comprehend the material at an accelerated rate.

Customized Learning 
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
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Entrance Exam Prep
Top Universities:
"Grades #1 Factor"

Most four-year colleges consider applicants’ scores on college admission tests when deciding whom to accept. Test scores are just one part of your college application. College admission officers give the most weight and importance to your high school grades.

Competition for
Top Colleges
Fiercer Than Ever

With an acceptance rate of just 5.8%, Harvard University is America's hardest college to get into, according to a new list from the academic review site


The rankings are based on acceptance rates and SAT and ACT scores reported to the US Department of Education. College acceptance rates received a weighted average of 60% in the ranking computation, and SAT/ACT scores received a weighted average of 40%.



Our focus at Test Prep BootCamp is to prepare students to do better on their own. We do that by teaching each student the right set of study skills that suits their learning style and by offering important test preparation skills. Many high school students struggle with not knowing HOW to study and are in need of study skills. In addition to test prep and study skills, we offer tutoring in all subject areas.  We make sure that each of our students become the confident, independent learner they need to be to become successful, independent adults.


2019-2020 Test Dates

ACT Test:                 SAT Test:

July 13                      Aug 24

Sept 14                     Oct 5

Oct 26                       Nov 2

Dec 14                      Dec 7

Feb 8 '20                  Mar 14 '20

April 4 '20               May 2 '20


Test Prep BootCamp Recognition!

“I liked our Bootcamp leaders a lot. They kept my attention and were interesting to listen to. I also liked the take home materials; they look very helpful. Lastly, I liked the pictures on the presentations; they kept it interesting.”

– Tiffany L.

“I enjoyed the leaders and their personalities! I also liked how there were examples and physical activities to help us understand. Lastly, I am a big fan of the take home/printed materials.”

– Kennedy B.

“I liked how enthusiastic my leaders were and that they broke down the methods that would be most convenient and efficient for me during the test.”

–Ateka A.

 “I really enjoyed learning simple tricks, getting a useful manual, and seeing some things I need to work on before taking the test. Thank you so much for introducing me to the test!”

–Nithya S.

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