Private ACT Tutoring

Custom-Made ACT Test Preparation Program

The ACT is one of the most important exams that your child will take in determining which College/University they get accepted to and what scholarships or grants they can qualify for.  College acceptance rates receive a weighted average of 60% in the high school ranking computation (their GPA), and SAT/ACT scores receive a weighted average of 40%.  With so much riding on this single test, it is vital that your child gets the support they need to master the test and build their confidence.  Test Prep Bootcamp has a proven system of one-to-one tutoring combined with a state of the art online software program with over 1,000 hours of explainer videos.  Call us today and get started tomorrow.

One-to-One ACT Test Preparation 
Customized ACT Online Software

Step 1 - Evaluation

We start off by having the student take an actual ACT test.  This is a proctored/timed test just like the actual test will be.  We proctor the exam so we can see how the student is doing and what areas they may get stuck on or which questions they may take too much time on.  After the test is completed, we grade the test and give you a detailed report showing the student strengths and areas of weakness.  From this information, we are able to develop a customized plan to ensure the student achieves the highest score possible.

Step 2 - One-to-One Private Tutoring

After the evaluation, we customize a one-to-one private tutoring program. Tutoring can take place at your home or a nearby library. We work with the student to find times that are convenient to their schedule.

Step 3 - Online ACT Software

In between each one-to-one tutoring session, the student will be assigned online homework that will include quizzes and tests they will take on their own.  The software includes over 1,000 hours of step by step explainer videos that will help walk the student through any problem they get stuck on.  All of their progress is tracked so the tutor knows what the student is struggling with and what to focus on during the next one-to-one session.  Each week, the parent also receives a detailed report that shows all the progress that has been made.


Step 4 - Success and Confidence

By combining customized private one-to-one tutoring, an online software program that tracks your child’s process, homework, quizzes and tests taken, along with 1,000+ hours of step-by-step explainer videos, we can guarantee your child’s success, increased confidence, and higher ACT scores.

Watch a video about our customized online ACT platform.

For more information about your local ACT testing site and to register for the test in your area, click the link to go to the website.


If your student has a documented learning disability you can apply for testing accommodations for the ACT. Start this process as early as possible. For information about testing accommodations for the ACT test click HERE.

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